Saturday, June 28, 2008

So This Is Twenty.

Today was another non-eventful day in a string of non-eventful days, which always scares me because I’m sure that something big is just around the corner, good or bad. I woke at 4 pm to say goodbye to my family who were leaving for a month long vacation without me. They didn’t even end up going because my brother dropped the big “I’m not going on a mission,” bomb on my parents and then decided he wasn’t going to go on the trip. Things have apparently calmed down, but I’m sure this isn’t the end of it.

Persepolis was great. It’s this animated movie about a girl growing up in Iran during the revolution. I also watched Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind again. I got a few more records today, Miles Davis’s Kind Of Blue, and Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks. They are just as good on vinyl as CD, disappointing.

I’m at work right now listening to The Mountain Goats, and getting excited for the party my friends are apparently throwing for me tonight. Should be fun, unless it turns into everyone but me getting drunk, and fighting each other, although being a sober spectator is much better than being one of the drunken fighters. I realized today that I need to get rid of my life and start saving money for real. Friends are a money suck.

It’s my birthday today. I turned 20. Hooray! I really wish I wasn’t always here in New Mexico for my birthday. It’s always pretty lame, and my family always seems to be on vacation without me. I’m going to sleep all day, go see a movie, and then go to that party my friends are throwing for me at the lake. I seem to be at the lake a lot lately. I go there on the way home from work to read a book for a while. I even have a little folding chair in my back seat to sit on when I’m there. It’s without a doubt the best part of my day. I look out over the lake as the sun is coming up and I feel pretty happy. The weather has been beautiful lately too. It’s about 65 degrees outside a few minutes after the sun comes up, which is perfect for sitting and thinking.

My Ipod broke, which is really lame, I’ve only had it for like 5 months. The stupid thing just stopped working. Which is alright I guess, I hardly ever listen to it anymore anyway. It’s not like I have to walk to class anymore or anything. Anyway Happy Birthday to Me!


matthew said...

Want to go to Outside Lands?

Opal said...

blake. sometimes i wish i was you.

alison said...

ah man i am jealous of your lake visits. a lot.
i also miss you a great deal.
my ipod broke we are twins. i've reverted to mix cds. but the thing is i never label any of them and that gets kind of annoying.
ahhhh save money for real and come live in utah.